The Essentials of Hiring a Web Developer

After giving your blood, sweat, and tears to build your business, it is now time to let the world know about it by putting it online! You have bounced back and forth with the idea of building one yourself, but deep down you know your business deserves a professional. However, this can be a daunting task when they all promise…

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How to Build Your Website in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Intro: This is the ultimate guide to help you figure out what the best route you should take when your build your website in 2021! Right now things are more complicated than ever in the world of web because there are so many options on the market. Where do I buy my domain name? Should I build my website myself?…

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How to Create a Smooth Scrolling Navigation with jQuery

Creating a one-page smooth scrolling navigation where each navigation item links to a specific section on the page is a very common request and relatively simple to do with jQuery! You should have a base knowledge of HTML, CSS, and jQuery to follow along. Before we start we need to make sure of two things: Each section on the page…

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The 3 Colossal Problems Flexbox Fixed Instantly For Me

If you're like me, you might've gotten comfortable using the tools you've been using for quite a long time now. You have a way you do things, and for the most part, everything runs pretty smooth. But when someone comes moseying into your bubble and tries to drop some "new and innovative" tool that'll supposedly make your workflow easier, you…

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How to Style Select Fields using CSS and Font Awesome

Nobody likes an ugly select field, I know I certainly don't. So in order to avoid looking like Windows XP, let's go through how we can style them to match the rest of your form fields. Let's go over the basic HTML markup of a select field: By default that code looks like this:…

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WordPress Themes vs. Custom WordPress Development

We've been asked this question numerous times so I figured I would go ahead and give my two cents on the topic and create a list of pros and cons for both. I've been working with WordPress for about five years now and absolutely love it. I use it on pretty much every client website I build because of how easy it…

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