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Web & Mobile Development

We take ideas from the drawing board and craft them into beautiful applications. We carefully listen to all of your needs, roadmap the entire idea, and execute. Bridging the gap between what's in your head and the final product we take you with us step by step to ensure we've created the best possible solution for your business.

UI / UX Design

Every business begins with an initial idea, at Icepick we help to continually develop that idea into an experience that is consistently relevant and connects with people at every level, across all platforms.


  • Couldn’t be happier! Their eye for design and the fact that they continue to offer support when I need it is what puts Icepick over the top. 100% recommended!

  • I hired icepick to build a website for my salon and for my hair and make up company. They were so easy to work with and listened to everything I wanted to have for the sites. I loved their ideas and would sometimes take mine and make them better than I expected. The website is really easy to use. Clients of mine have complimented me for having such a great website that is easy for them to navigate as well. It was such a great experience that I have since referred other businesses I work with to create their sites with them. I would highly recommend their services!

  • Great work, great rates, wonderful turnaround, and great post project support. I’d recommend Icepick to anyone looking to get a project completed.
  • Icepick was a breath of fresh air to work with. Communication was very prompt and very easy, they immediately understood what I needed and their turn around time was astounding. Not only that but the work I did receive was above and beyond what I was expecting. Everything looked great and functioned properly the first time.

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